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Article Two. Coffee Is A Want. More Than A Need.

Coffee has become so convenient and boring that consumers start to revisit the

idea of this special hot beverage. It is worth more than just a daily consumption. 

We chanced on this idea to share with you what coffee really CAN be.

Do you AGREE?

01. It starts with Searching for "your" Coffee

Coffee is a reflection and an expression of oneself. There is proof to show how we seeked the "coffee" and looking for a reinvention of this popular hot beverage. As much as know, coffee has evolved to a point where the coffee purists and experimentalist exists together.

We have found the best way to prepare the best coffee with the right beans, temperature and pressure and also, we also found ways to make coffee interesting. E.g. Coffee blends and festive creations.

BBC post on personal Coffee Experiences - http://www.bbc.com/future/story/20150517-what-coffee-says-about-your-mind

02. Reinventing on the norm.

It is Food Experience Design, people!

More and more, we desire and yearn more in the expectations of what we consume. 

Do you know that food experiences can be improved with good design practises?

We have found ways to further appreciate and experience things around us. Things not only need to taste good, they also need to look, feel and make good.

List of examples of interesting food design products - https://www.designindaba.com/topics/food-design

03. It is abou reimagining what's next.

As much as what we like to claim that Droops is NEXT. We take a moment to imagine how coffee can be fun, expressive, engaging, personal, defined and connected.

It is never a one cup fits all which is what is happening now. Let's change the norm.

Let's take a look at how Starbucks finally started its store in Italy.